In the immensity of the female silhouette, man has always had an undeniable devotion for breasts. Probably you have noticed how attractive women like beautiful escorts from endowed with a generous bust inevitable call the attention of everyone. No wonder that this situation has become the subject of many scientific investigations. They have revealed some theories that you might find interesting.

A symbol of femininity

Breasts have graceful curves that add a special charm to female silhouette. Gorgeous escorts are aware of the impression caused by a healthy and firm bust at first sight. That is why this part of their body receives all the attention and necessary care.

An interesting fact that is worth to mention is that men are attracted to healthy women capable of reproducing. Breasts are an important sign of fertility, since they portray a lady capable of having children and feed them.

On the other hand, breasts offer visual stimulation. Your stunning London escort knows how pleasing it is for you to observe a beautiful and firm bust. She knows appropriate lingerie that highlights the most eye-catching characteristics of this female feature.

Breasts are considered as a source of mystery. From the very first moment a man lays his eyes on them, he feels intrigued by the lady who is standing in front of them.

Men also love them because of the sensations they experience when they have them on their hands. Their soft and flexible tissue triggers tenderness and sweetness on them and promotes an emotional state that is suitable for foreplay. A clever London escort like the ladies from EROS knows how important it is to maintain their skin well hydrated and cared so they can preserve this stimulating quality.

For some reason, men find comfort in breasts. They love to rest their heads on them. The sole possibility of observing them can make their bad mood disappear. In fact, a scientific research has revealed that individuals who get to see a female bust for at least 15 minutes a day live longer and healthier.

The scientific point of view for the fascination caused by breasts

The neurological foundations of complex social behaviors have given psychiatrists an interesting point of view. They believe that, evolutionarily, humans have taken advantage of a neural circuit that was originally developed to strengthen the bond between mother and child during breastfeeding. Intelligent escorts know that these days, such connection is used to reinforce closeness in an intimate relationship.

Researchers have concluded that stimulation of female nipples increases arousal in the vast majority of women. It increases the release of Oxytocin which reinforces the desire to create a union with the partner.

In other words, men become more attractive in the eyes of a woman through the stimulation of breasts. Smart escorts are acquainted that anatomy may play an important role on this situation, since most of sexual positions are practiced face to face.

Some researchers also suggest that men attribute a sense of wealth to big breasts. They feel attracted to women with a big bust because they attribute them greater chances of survival for their offspring.

Regardless of general theories, you can always enjoy the most pleasurable experiences and discover by yourself why you feel such fascination with your dazzling London escort.